Visan en Europa, Asia, Oriente Medio

In Visán, we manufacture our products for the Specialty Channel; Veterinary Clinics, Breeders, Specialty Shops, Stores or other retail outlet of a professional.

We have a presence in over 17 countries, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Just as our brands, we also develop private labels for other clients involved in the entire process of creating and developing new products.

We are specialists in the manufacture of monoproteic, hypoalergenic, dietetic foods or any specific food that meets our clients' specific needs.

Thanks to our direct injection technology of fresh meat (FMIS) in the production process, we are able to develop 100% innovative products, while providing the highest quality and essential desire for acceptance and the proper development of the pet during all stages of their lives.





Super premium FERRET food


Direct Injection of fresh meat